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We have a huge selection of reclaimed wood and steel, see below for pictures of some of our best selling materials.
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Wall Cladding

Brown Douglas Fir

Dark Brown Roof Board

Gray with Deep Red Tone

Gray and Brown Siding

Interior Brown Board

Corrugated Roof Steel

Burl Wood Selection

Buckeye and Willow Burl

Black Walnut Notched

Redwood Burl

Beams, Planks, Mantles, Live Edge Wood

White Oak Plank

2.5" x 5.5"Redwood Plank

2" x 6" Douglas Fir Planks

Maple Live Edge

Black Walnut Live Edge

8" x 8" Dogulas Fir Beams

Steel Inventory

Corrugated Tin

Weathered Steel Plate 1/8"-1/2"

Diamond Plate Steel


The construction industry creates a massive amount of waste every day. By reclaiming some of the material used in the past, we can reduce this footprint and begin to make the building industry more sustainable as a whole.

However, the whole story can not be explained by the economy alone. Every piece of wood that enters our shop has been somewhere and has been a part of something greater at one time. Whether it was a barn built in the 19th century to help supply our industrializing nation with food, or a water tower built in Chicago to prevent the next great fire, every piece of wood retains the character of its previous place/home.

All of our reclaimed wood is sourced from the Midwest and shipped to our shop in Chicago where we give it a whole new life. Wall cladding in many of the city’s finest restaurants and bars is made from reclaimed wood. Fine office and residential furniture utilizes materials to their maximum potential. Reclaimed wood is the peak of this efficiency.

It is not only the look and texture of the wood that makes it what it is. It is the life that it had before it comes to us.

A lumberjack/woodsman/forester felled a tree that was alive during the revolutionary war. And it can be in your living room.

That is ” why reclaimed”.