EM-1 Bokashi Bran

EM-1 Bokashi Bran

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EM-1 Bokashi Bran is made with Certified Organic Rice Bran and Super C powder.

Compost and gardening directions:
Sprinkle EM-1 Bokashi on food waste after it is placed in a fermentation bucket or compost pile, coating it with the EM-1 Bokashi. Fermented food waste can be buried in a hole and covered with 6 inches of dirt or layered in a compost pile to accelerate decomposition. Typically, 1lb is used per 5-gallon food waste bucket.
Apply EM-1 Bokashi on mulch or plant residue at a rate of 1 lb. per 100 sq. ft
Add at 2% to potting soil mixes.