GreenPlanet Rezin

GreenPlanet Rezin

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Rezin is a highly concentrated aroma, flavour and extract enhancer that won’t affect your PPM. This means that it can be used alongside your regular feeding program at their full application rates! Stop compromising size for flavour and aroma. Have both with Rezin!

REZIN is a plant enhancing fertilizer additive designed to increase flower size while enhancing flavour and aroma. Zero parts per million and 0-0-0 NPK. Creates more crystallines. It helps plants to produce more terpenes, resulting in better extractions. Rezin was formulated to enhance the natural processes within your flowering plants that produce flavour and aroma.

Specialty fertilizer designed to be used as a flavour, aroma, and essential oil booster for flowers and plants grown in soil,
soilless, coco coir, hydroponic or any other growing media application.