Medical Mary Joint and Muscle Formula Capsules

Medical Mary Joint and Muscle Formula Capsules

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JOINT & MUSCLE FORMULA is a once-daily supplement that comes in 10mg of our finest hemp extract with precise doses of proven nutraceuticals in each capsule.

Glucosamine: A common supplement used to speed healing and strengthen aging hips & joints. Glucosamine works as a powerful anti-inflammatory that improves cartilage health to keep joints from breaking down. Side effects are extremely rare.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): Sometimes called the “Miracle Supplement,” MSM is naturally derived during the Earth’s rain cycle and has a wide range of benefits to offer, from detoxification and improved flexibility to accelerated healing and increased energy.

Ginger (Root): A natural anti-inflammatory that provides remarkable relief for symptoms of arthritis, and can even help stave off nausea, inhibit cancer growth, and protect against stomach ulcers.

Stinging Nettle: Long used to treat kidney disorders, skin, cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, Stinging Nettle is a powerful herb that synergizes well with common nutraceuticals.

Horsetail: Used to treat a wide variety of issues, from frostbite and burns to edema and kidney issues—its most powerful application is in the treatment of joint issues.

Tumeric Root: Packed with bioactive and anti-inflammatory compounds, Tumeric root drastically reduces oxidative damage, giving the body time to heal and improve. It’s also surprisingly effective in the treatment (and possibly even prevention) of cancer.