Pro-Mix CC40 Mycorrhizae (3.8 cu. ft.)

Pro-Mix CC40 Mycorrhizae (3.8 cu. ft.)

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The unique structure of the coir found in CC40 provides an optimized growing environment for plants such as long term crops, especially under drought conditions. The well-designed air porosity and water retention qualities provided by this peat-coir based medium give growers the opportunity to react efficiently to a more hostile environment at the same time as balancing financial requirements and productivity.

Premier Tech Horticulture is offering a new product called PRO-MIX® CC40 MYCORRHIZAE™ with 40% chunk coir. Chunk coir provides a growing medium with higher water holding capacity and at the same time increases its air porosity. It also resists microbial breakdown, so it will retain its physical properties and is therefore ideal for long term growing.