Spectrum Formulas Hydrogen Peroxide (1 gal.)

Spectrum Formulas Hydrogen Peroxide (1 gal.)

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There are several benefits with using H2O2 and hydroponic growers should know about the advantages of using Hydrogen peroxide in the Hydroponic nutrient tank. A big benefit is that it treats mold, mildew and root rot prevention, general fertilizing, seed sprouting and pest control. Hydrogen peroxide is water with an additional oxygen atom incorporated in it. Additionally, when it’s broken down into the solution, the benefits enhance added oxygen to your Hydroponic nutrient solution. This extra oxygen is then applied to the plant's roots creating stronger, improved and healthier plants with an immense amount of strong and healthy root development.

In Hydroponic gardening, Hydrogen peroxide is also very helpful in sterilizing your growing medium and the surrounding growing area at the same time. The benefits of H2O2 prevent bacteria and damaging pathogens like fusarium, pythium and various other unwanted diseases from growing in your Hydroponic system. 

Some of the great benefits of H2O2 are:
It’s an efficient disinfectant of your growing medium and growing environment since it breaks down into water and oxygen after each use. Hydrogen Peroxide increases germination rates and boosts strong vegetative growth. Another advantage of H2O2 is that it adds oxygen to your reservoir, which kills off damaging and destructive bacteria. When using Hydrogen Peroxide, it eliminates chlorine in water faster and promotes root health that increases the plants nutrient uptake as well. Additionally, H2O2 helps general fertilizing, seed sprouting and pest control.