UltraGlow Cool Tube Reflector

UltraGlow Cool Tube Reflector

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UltraGrow Cool Tubes are available with 6-inch or 8-inch diameter ducts which provide the ideal solution for minimizing heat build-up problems in a grow room. A minimum of 300 CFM of fan power is recommended per Cool Tube unit when housing a 1000W HID bulb. Compatible with 400W, 600W or 1000W metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps. Each cool tube comes with an internal reflector, and also has exterior reflector wings to enlarge the growing area. The reflector includes heavy-duty brackets, pre-installed mogul socket with 15-foot long lamp to ballast cord. Tempered glass is capable of holding heat temperatures of 5000 btu's.

Product code: UG-RCT/8
Product dimension: 27¾in X 7in X 7in
Gross weight: 16 lbs
Built-in socket with 15-foot ballast cord
Hangers included
Maximum cooling efficiency
Tempered glass – easy to clean