Creating Your One Of A Kind Conference Room Table

Creating Your One Of A Kind Conference Room Table

Okay, so you’re in the market for a new conference room table. Why pick up that cheap IKEA table that might be too awkward for your room and doesn’t offer any charm or customizability? Having your table custom made to fit your office just makes sense and offers a rich elegance that can impress. The conference table is an important aspect of a meeting; it honestly can’t be overlooked as just another surface where laptops are placed. The conference room table sets the state for important meetings and how the mood is determined.

So What Shape Is Right For You?

There are a few different common shapes associated with conference room tables. For a quick guide, check out these custom conference tables. The most common of shape for a conference table being the rectangle. This classic table shape is used for boardrooms to dinner tables and conveys a pecking order of power. These are great for large executive board meetings giving leaders a great view of their delegates. Another common conference design is the U-shape meeting table. This design is great for presentations, video conferences and/or product demos as it brings focus to the open side of the table. Providing great space efficiency and promotes productivity. Lastly, the classic round table offers a great sense of equality to all who sits at them. Promoting participation this design is perfect for teams and customer interactions.

Let’s Design Our Perfect Conference Room Table

With a shape in mind, it’s time to break down the style of our conference room table. Modern can have a clean look but industrial can really wow your guests. The most elegant of which are live edge tables. Each with their own look and feel you will want to determine what look best suits your needs. The first step in designing our table is choosing our wood. Softwoods can be great if we ever want to move the table as it can be significantly lighter and cheaper. Hardwoods can offer rich elegance and often last longer. Choosing your wood can really determine the look and atmosphere of your table so it’s important to choose wisely.

Our type of finish should be influenced by the purpose of our conference room table. I will give a brief overview of each finish and you can decide what’s best for you.

What finishes to use?

Oil Finishes

Oil finishes can be great for dense wood applications. Adding a luster many consider pleasing to the eye and can offer a “great real wood feel.”

Wax Finishes

A wax finish can give an overall very dull appearance unless burnished to a high sheen. Often used in addition to oil based finishes, wax provides minimal protection and should be reapplied occasionally.

Polyurethane Finish

As one of the most common finishes, poly can offer great protection. As its name implies, polyurethane is a plastic and your finish will have the feel associated with plastic. As time goes on and inevitable scratches arise in your finish it isn’t difficult to quickly sand down and reapply a layer of polyurethane.

Epoxy Finish

Often called “liquid glass” epoxy can deliver the absolute smoothest writing surface and give high protection against damage. Epoxy is often used on wood that’s been inlaid with various designs or materials and is a very common and elegant choice for protecting custom conference tables.

Choose The Right Base

The base of your conference table is equally important to the design of your table. Both have to mesh well and portray your stylistic goals. Whether it is wood or metal each has their own look and feel. Metal can offer a rugged industrial look or a hint of modern design. Wood can portray elegance and richness. Check out this reference of bases to get a good idea of some design choices. It is important to note the emphasis on using levelers on your conference room table. No floor is perfectly level and you will want to install and utilize levelers to provide an absolute level surface for your table.

Ready to Order Your Ideal Conference Room Table?

Chicago Fabrication is highly experienced designing and fabricating commercial grade furniture and can help you get started with your conference room table. Get in contact us and we can help bring grandeur to your office.

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