blue green live edge river table

Live Edge River Table

Made of walnut wood and green epoxy. This table is great for dining rooms, conference rooms, and offices.

spalted live edge river table and bench

Live Edge Table & Bench

This table and bench is made of live edge wood. Metallic blue epoxy is used for the river table to add character.

restaurant steel hanging display

Steel Hanging Display

This hanging display made for Fairgrounds Cafe gives the interior a modern rustic look. It is both beautiful and functional.

steel pergola

Steel Pergola

Pergolas are great for adding shade and style to your outdoor space. It can also provide more room for your plants.
end grain accent wall

End Grain Accent Wall

The end grain wood in this accent wall were carefully cut and selected to turn the bare wall into a perfect one.
reclaimed wood cladding

Wood Cladding

The various shades of the reclaimed wood enhanced this home's exterior wall and gave the home a natural, rustic look.

walnut slabs

Walnut Slabs

Chicago Fabrications offers a wide selection of wood, raw and planed. We also offer ready to use wood panels for easy hanging.
reception desk with brass detail

Brass Reception Desk

The decorative brass used in this client's reception desk gives it a clean and minimalist look with a touch of contemporary flair.
live edge spalted oak mirror

Live Edge Spalted Oak Mirror

This custom large mirror we made for a client is truly a conversation piece. The spalted oak gives it a natural, unique beauty. 
L-shaped office table

L-Shaped Office Table

This modern style office table is made of planed and finished sinker redwood and a steel base for support. 

bench with custom steel backrest
Bench with Custom Backrest
This custom bench was designed and fabricated for Mellody Farm. The cut out on the backrest is emphasized when lit up.
white barn door with rain glass

Barn Door with Rain Glass

This white barn door is perfect for adding a farmhouse feel to your interior. It is equipped with a rain glass for privacy purposes.
curved outdoor bench

Curved Bench

This 15-foot curved bench is made of Cedar with an exterior stain and black coated steel. The wood is finished to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors.
outdoor platform bench

Outdoor Platform Bench

The simple yet aesthetically pleasing design of this outdoor bench is perfect for any outdoor space.

outdoor beam bench
Outdoor Beam Bench
This multi-level outdoor beam bench is as beautiful as it is functional. It is made of cedar with an exterior stain.
reclaimed wood panels

Reclaimed Wood Panels

Reclaimed wood panels have many uses. This 2' x 2' panel is a great decoration for any space or even for your events.
wooden watch box display

Watch Box

Simple yet elegant, this custom wooden watch box can hold 6 watches. It is great for keeping and displaying your watches.
brazilian walnut outdoor grill

Brazilian Walnut Outdoor Grill

This outdoor grill has a clean and seamless design with secret compartments for your keeping your appliances functional.

brazilian walnut outdoor nook bench
Outdoor Nook Bench
Enjoy the outdoors with your family in a cozy nook. This bench is perfect if you're looking to give your outdoor space an upgrade.
brazilian walnut pool loungers

Pool Loungers

Relax under the sun, by the pool with a comfortable and stylish pool lounger. This pool lounger is made of Brazilian Walnut.
Amazon Prime Video mall kiosk

Amazon Kiosk Booth

This kiosk for Amazon Prime Video was used to showcase the latest Amazon Prime Original Series at Westfield Old Orchard.
Star Wars mall booth display

Star Wars Booth Display

The lighted shelves in this display give it a sci-fi feel and bring out the unique features of the Star Wars products.

redwood outdoor storage bench
Redwood Storage Bench
Maximize your outdoor space with this storage bench. It is made of redwood, prepped and finished for outdoor use.
redwood large outdoor table

Redwood Farmhouse Table

Give your outdoor space a rustic farmhouse touch. Enjoy outdoor dining with family and friends with this 15-foot redwood table.
redwood outdoor bench

Redwood Seating 

This 20-foot redwood bench is best paired with our redwood farmhouse table. It has a modern design perfect for any space.
reclaimed wood cabinet and bench

Reclaimed Cabinet & Bench

This piece is both a bench and a cabinet. Its different shades of wood give it a beautiful and natural rustic look.

wooden waterfall bench
Waterfall Bench
Simple yet elegant, this waterfall bench is perfect for any space in your home. The different shades of brown make it more beautiful.
reclaimed barn door

Reclaimed Barn Door

This large sliding barn door is 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. It is useful, functional, and makes a great statement piece!
reclaimed wood kitchen island top

Reclaimed Kitchen Island Top

Spice up your kitchen counter with this island top. The natural beauty of the reclaimed wood can brighten your kitchen!
custom wooden pergola

Wooden Pergola

Give your outdoor space a makeover! Pergolas are functional and make a great decorative piece for any outdoor space.

barrel staves accent
Goose Island Barrel Wall
This barrel wall gives this interior space a warm and cozy feel. Wood accent walls are great for enhancing any space.
wooden wine shelves

Goose Island Interior

The composition of browns and the use of natural materials give this interior a warm and inviting feeling.
bar counter shelf

Bar Counter Shelf

From walls, shelves, cabinets, reclaimed wood is perfect for adding a warm and cozy feel to any interior space.
restaurant table and chair set

Table and Chair Set

This dining set for Furious Spoon is made of finished oak. It is a simple yet sophisticated piece that can bring life to any space.

log bench exhibit furnishing
Exhibit Furnishings
This log bench displayed at the Chicago Cultural Center has a unique design that perfectly fits the interior of the building.
cafe bar counter

Cafe Bar Counter

The reclaimed wood in this bar counter for Groundswell Cafe gives the interior space a cozy and welcoming feel.
mixed wood wall cladding

Mixed Wood Wall Cladding

This mixed wood accent wall is an eye-catcher. It fits well with the industrial style feel of the interior of this home.
kitchen counter with reclaimed wood panels

Counter Wood Paneling

The choice of color of the wood used for this reclaimed wood cladding gives this rustic modern kitchen an upgrade.

brown reclaimed wood cladding
Brown Wall Cladding
The reclaimed wood accent wall spiced things up in this attic. Accent walls are great for giving life to empty interiors.
mixed wood stair cladding

Stair Cladding

Give your staircase an upgrade with wood claddings. Mix and match to create an amazing interior space.
reclaimed wood office desk

Reclaimed Wood Office Desk

This reclaimed wood desk fits well in the interior of this office. It brings sophistication to this room and gives it a welcoming look.
spalted wood mirror

Spalted Wood Mirror

Spalted wood furniture is great for adding a touch of unique beauty to any room and make excellent statement pieces.

reclaimed wood wall cladding
Reclaimed Wood Wall
Need a statement piece for your home? Reclaimed wood is great for adding a rustic charm to any space.
reclaimed wood locker cabinet

Reclaimed Wood Cabinet

This cabinet complements perfectly with this interior space. Make your guests feel right at home with this custom piece.
live edge table

Live Edge Table

Live edge furniture is great for showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. They are unique and make great statement pieces.
sinker cottonwood tabletop

Sinker Cottonwood Tabletop

This sinker cottonwood came straight from Louisiana Bayou. The color brings an elegant and exquisite look in this tabletop. 

walnut kitchen counter
Walnut Counter 
The walnut in this counter fits this interior space perfectly. Its dark color brings warmth and sophistication to the room.
glass and steel stair railing

Glass and Steel Stair Railing

Want to give your staircase an upgrade? This steel and glass stair railing can add an industrial modern touch to any interior.
wood steel hanging curved bar shelving

Curved Bar Shelving

This wood and steel shelving is a great unique piece to add to any residential and commercial space. 
black and gold epoxy river table

Conference Table

This spalted maple epoxy river conference table is a perfect statement piece to add to your office space.

steel table base
Steel Table Base 
Give your table an industrial modern look with this geometric steel table base. It can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces.
reclaimed wood tabletop

Reclaimed Tabletop

Add a rustic touch to your interior space with this reclaimed tabletop. We have various tones available for you to choose from.
classic design steel table base

Classic Steel Table Base

Give your table a classic look with this table base. It has an industrial gray black color and can be powder coated for outdoor use.
wooden fireplace mantel

Fireplace Mantel

Add a decorative touch to your fireplace with this MDF mantel. You can display your plants, candles, and other accessories.
custom wooden record player stand
Record Player Stand
Display and store your turntable and vinyl record collection with this vintage style record player stand. 
8ft wooden panel

Wooden Panels

This 8x4 ft. wooden panel can be used for events, displays, as room dividers, and more. It is equipped with wheels for portability.