Unique Project Ideas with Live Edge Lumber


Live edge refers to a style of furniture where the designer incorporates at least one natural edge of the wood such as bark, wormholes, or wood grain into the wood piece. Live edge lumber is great for creating unique furniture that can be used inside or outside your home. By maintaining its raw edges, live edge slabs give a natural look perfect for a variety of projects. 


If you are seeking inspiration, here are some distinctive live edge lumber project ideas for your home.

Kitchen Countertops


Visually stunning, wood countertops are making a comeback in today’s kitchens. Whether you outfit your entire kitchen with live edge slab countertops or simply feature a beautiful island countertop, you’ll add warmth, beauty, and originality to your kitchen. Live edge wood projects become extra special when you choose your own wood slabs, which can then be fabricated and installed for you by a professional.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables


If you are looking to create your own live edge lumber piece, a coffee table or side tables might be just the place to start. Wood can be sourced locally from a reputable supplier. Adding hairpin legs to a tree round makes a simple, elegant statement.



A live edge slab can make an excellent bench. Walnut benches are distinctive due to variations in color and grain lines. A natural bench can make quite a conversation piece as part of a functional entranceway.

Fireplace Mantel


Homeowners understand that the fireplace is often the main focal point of the living room. When guests enter your home, their attention is quickly drawn to the mantel. A rustic live edge wood mantel, whether as a standalone piece or elegantly decorated, can enhance an otherwise boring fireplace.


Homeowners are often looking for ways to add beautiful storage solutions to their home. Shelves are a great way to display your kitchenware, photos, books, and other personal items. Instead of buying pre-made shelves, which can limit your choices of color and size, opt for custom live edge shelves. Choose the live edge pieces that work best in your space.

Endless Possibilities with Live Edge Lumber


The project ideas don’t stop there. Whether it’s a breathtaking wall mirror, elegant light fixtures, a functional coat rack, a remarkable headboard, or an expansive kitchen table, there are opportunities for showcasing live edge pieces throughout your home.


Most homeowners today are choosing live edge lumber for its beauty and rustic appearance, which makes it perfect for adding unique touches to your space that cannot be achieved with conventional woodworking. Gnarly wood such as mesquite and salvaged wood can offer challenges, however. For example, you may find that live edge pieces have cracks and holes. Some designers choose to fill the cracks and holes with resins, while others leave them alone, cherishing the natural character of the wood.

Your only limitation when creating furniture with live edge lumber is your imagination. Have an idea for a live edge furniture piece but don’t know where to start? Chicago Fabrications would love to work with you. Call us today at 312-637-1923 or stop in and see us. You can also visit our online store to see our currently available pieces. 

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