Humble Beginnings


Founding of Tyler's Terrarium's

TT’s was Tyler first business plan carried out to the full. Tyler has always had an interest in exotic reptiles. He custom made ecosystems as a hobby. He soon found himself creating them for friends. From there Tts moved to its first location at 500 W Cermak.


Founding of Tyler's Terrarium's

Tyler hung in with the terrarium business for a year and soon found his way into barnwood from a dear Friend Kyle Wilson. Kyle brought me to rebuilding exchange where I made my first wholsellers conection. Tyler soon found himself tearing barns down on a limb and trucked to Chicagos Rebuilding Exchange for a cold call. Ending up hitting the sale after a long hustle. Making a solid 100 bucks after all the work. I hung in there and starting marketing with craigslist, Tyler did well with barn wood sales. Tyler was growing into the barnwood industry and needed more space so they moved and transitioned into Chicago Fabrications.

2013 Chi Fabs had a success with the rebrand and began to teach DIY classes. Chi Fabs also rented space to other builders and business owners. Soon the space was out grown, and we were back on the move. We relocated a 3032 W Chicago Ave. As soon as we got our new place we learned our industry better and picked up a few commericial clients, from there Tyler started creating a team of employees as our work load and reputation grew strong. Not long after the team development we decided to re design logo and target market. We found ourselves on the commericial end of the spectrum. Although we still do residential work


Owners/Founder Military Experience

Chicago fabs is a veteran owned company, and employees vets as well. Tyler Joined the Marines at age 19 after freshmen year of college at CMU. Tyler's first unit was a Reserve line company (Bravo company 1/24). There he was a (0311) Infantry Marine soon after his training he continued forward to get his business degree from CMU. While attending college Tyler was deployed to South East Asia , where he did extensive jungle warfare training with the Asian  military. When Tyler returned from his deployment he finished college and moved to Chicago with his entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success. Tyler quickly found himself back in the Marines with Headquarters 2/24. Two years later Tyler left 2/24 and joined 3rd Civil Affairs Unit based out of Great Lakes Navy Base, north of Chicago. There he soon found himself on another deployment to Asia for civil military operations in early 2014.



Vision for the Future

 At the moment we're focused and marketing and advertising. Our design and detail team has expanded with educated architectural designee Clayton, read more about him in his bio. Recently our DIY classes have launched too. Our team is constantly growing and adding more specialized skills to the company.