Project Gallery

blue green live edge river table

Walnut Live Edge River Table

spalted live edge river table and bench

Spalted Live Edge River Table

black and gold epoxy river table

Epoxy River Conference Table

reception desk with brass detail

Brass Reception Desk

restaurant steel hanging display

Steel Hanging Display

steel pergola

Steel Pergola

Amazon Prime Video mall kiosk

Amazon Kiosk Booth

Star Wars mall booth display

Star Wars Booth Display

log bench exhibit furnishing

Exhibit Furnishings

wood steel hanging curved bar shelving

Curved Bar Shelving

bar counter shelf

Bar Counter Shelf

cafe bar counter

Reclaimed Wood Cafe Bar Counter

restaurant table and chair set

Restaurant Table and Chair Set

reclaimed wood office desk

Reclaimed Wood Office Desk

walnut kitchen counter

Walnut Kitchen Counter 

white barn door with rain glass

Barn Door with Rain Glass

redwood outdoor storage bench

Redwood Storage Bench

redwood large outdoor table

Redwood Farmhouse Table

redwood outdoor bench

Redwood Outdoor Bench

brazilian walnut pool loungers

Brazilian Walnut Pool Loungers

brazilian walnut outdoor nook bench

Outdoor Nook Bench

bench with custom steel backrest

Bench with Custom Backrest

custom wooden pergola

Wooden Pergola

reclaimed wood panels

Reclaimed Wood Panels

end grain accent wall

End Grain Accent Wall

reclaimed wood cladding

Red and Gray Wood Cladding

brazilian walnut outdoor grill

Brazilian Walnut Outdoor Grill

glass and steel stair railing

Glass and Steel Stair Railing

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