2-4 FT Long Color Stain Cedar Grey And Red Barn Wood Wall Board Which Also Can Be Used For Accent Walls And Table

2-4 ft. Red and Gray Barn Wood Panel


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This wall board is used in areas where natural color and wood paneling is desired usually on ceilings to cover conventional framing members, decorating ceilings or wall areas, between beams, bar fronts, fireplaces or covering cement walls. We offer these materials in new or reclaimed barn wood siding. Mostly all of these sidings are 2-4 feet wide with a rough natural face for easy installation. It has more of a visual texture and also good for interior or exterior applications. It is also great for accent areas. You will not find this anywhere else. Can also be manufactured in different wood. This is a full thickness board throughout a rough saw cut face and a natural bark bottom edge. This material has a very mountain or Lake House feel. Great for interior or exterior applications. This material is also great for interior applications like accent walls and ceilings. It looks great with a light sanding, stain and finish.

Materials: barn wood, grey.