Decorating with Live Edge Walnut Slab Furniture

One of today’s most popular trends is the use of live edge in decorating. Live edge is durable and versatile. It can be used in many ways – shelves, benches, and many more. Read Unique Project Ideas with Live Edge Lumber to learn more about other ways on decorating using live edge.

Decorating with Live Edge Slab

Live edge slab is simply a large, thick, piece of live edge wood – this could be from a walnut tree, oak, sinker cypress (most of the large trees actually). Read Live Edge Furniture: A Growing Trend to learn more about live edge. Considering using live edge in your furniture? Live edge furniture is unique. Its shape is irregular because the contour of the wood is retained – which makes each and every piece different the other. This kind of furniture fits in with a couple of various styles. It brings a natural, rustic feel to any setting. Or if you want a more modern feel, you can pair it with steel. You can pair it with almost any material actually, that’s how versatile it is!


Tables are one of the most well-known examples of live edge wood slab furniture. Decorate your kitchen with a table topped with a large slab paired with a metal table base. Or add an exceptional piece to your garden with a live edge bench. In addition to its exceptional visual appeal, live edge furniture’s quality lasts generally longer than any other furniture. Its durability makes it a long-term investment.

Keeping Up with the Trend

Individuals are on the constant lookout for natural approaches in designing their homes. With the constant demand for furniture, designers seek more sustainable ways to ease that demand. Chicago Fabrications practice eco-friendly ways in harvesting live edge slab. We make use of fallen timber and turn it into unique, gorgeous live edge pieces. This way of reusing wood helps in the conservation of our forests. Environmental sustainability has never looked as beautiful, contemporary, and stylish as this!
Live Edge Slab


Read Complement Your Home Decor with Live Edge Furniture to learn more about decorating using live edge. If you have any ideas in mind, Chicago Fabrications would love to work with you in designing your own live edge furniture piece. Call us today at 312-637-1923 or stop in and see us. Your can also visit our online store to see the other furniture that we offer.

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Decorating with Live Edge Walnut Slab Furniture

Decorating with Live Edge Walnut Slab Furniture

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