You Need To Visit These 5 Reclaimed Wood Themed Chicago Coffee Shops

Mmmmm Coffee!!!

Theres nothing better.

From the smell to the taste to the way it makes you feel.

Mornings wouldn’t be the same without it.

And if you’re a coffee drinker… you likely have a favorite coffee joint.

A great coffee joint is a spot you never want to leave.

You can just feel that productivity notch up when you walk in the door.

And its also a good spot to chat or meet like minded people.

Its the modern age Cheers… who needs the hangovers?

For me… I like coffee shops that are Reclaimed Wood themed. (Obviously)

That rustic wood feel really makes for a great place to start my day.

So I rounded up the top coffee joints in Chicago that I think you need to visit… here it goes.

5. Gaslight Coffee Roasters

  • Cool “little” corner coffee shop in the Bucktown area.
  • Upon setting foot into Gaslight, one is faced with a mix of dark wood, pine floors and exposed brick. There’s even a large picnic table towards the back.
  • Taxidermy on the walls, a mesmerizing wall paper near the condiments, bar sitting, a handful of 2-4 seaters, and the dark, solemn wooden floor that is impossible not to appreciate characterize Gaslight.
  • You definitely get that hipster-y vibe.

4. C.C. Ferns

  • Rustic cabin meets bohemian hideout at this Humboldt Park coffee shop.
  • A collection of mismatched tables and chairs (complete with random reading material) gives the room that loungy, worn-in feel that you crave on the weekend.
  • The cafe’s design and style inspiration creates an eclectic mix, ranging from 1970s era influences to a spin on Tiki and Polynesian decor as a homage to the California Clipper airplane.
  • The retro rec-room furnishings and distressed wood-plank walls give the space a ’70s vibe.

3. Bow Truss

  • This Lakeview coffee roaster is named after the architectural element that supports an arched ceiling, which you can spot in its coffee-cup logo. It serves its own coffee blends in spaces done up with reclaimed wood, chalkboard menus and cup-shaped tables.
  • Bow Truss has a handful of signature touches: the HiFi Case speakers, vintage cash register and chalkboard menu.

2. Star Bucks

  • As a part of Starbucks’ environmental stewardship, new and renovated stores now feature reclaimed urban wood.
  • >Reclaimed wood flooring, rustic wall cladding, custom community tables, benches, counter tops and more are common sites when you step into a modern Starbucks.
  • As part of a Starbucks initiative, stores prefers reclaimed wood because it is an environmentally responsible alternative to cutting down trees for beams, flooring, paneling, and dimensional lumber.

1. Groundswell

  • Cladding Barnwood throughout the whole coffee shop gives it a warm feeling. The table bases and benches are finished off with reclaimed oak for the seating and back rest. Thick shelving lines the back tile wall and the table tops are made with a 2″ Douglass fur with a satin finish. The custom pieces constructed throughout the shop to give it that desired rustic look.
  • The synopsis is that Groundswell exudes a very modern atmosphere with reclaimed wood and clean lines.

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