Complement Your Home Decor With Live Edge Furniture

Do you know how hard making a home? Home is where the heart is! There is an enormous range of colors, feelings, and functionalities that you may have in mind for your home.


Stay true to your desires for a particular feeling, there is no designer like you! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Third party consultants (friends, interior designers, etc.) will be able to bring out the inner emotions that you may not be considering.


Add character to your home with Live edge furniture:


We let you know about everything you should know about live edge  furniture and how it complement your home. Live edge wood refers to the rough or naturally finished wooden edge of different wooden furniture. It is completely untouched from at least one side which gives a natural look.


The wood of live edge furniture is usually sourced regionally from falling trees, or salvaged from folded barns. By not cutting trees or shipping wood cross-continent, artisans square measure reducing the carbon footprint normally related to article of furniture producing.


While You’ve probably seen it everywhere; conference rooms, building lobbies, offices, etc.There are so many unique ways to use the concept of Live edge furniture in a different way.


Live edge piece of furniture transcends a specific vogue, which implies it blends fantastically with its meant house. Rustic, modern, shabby stylish, up to date, minimalist—it’ll work. However, if you have got your eye on the attractive panel your really simply bought.


How Is It Made?


Live edge wood comes from trees (paging Captain Obvious), and is polished a similar precise approach as "standard" wood, with one major exception. Live Edge furniture designs fit with any style and give your home a unique and natural touch.

How it change your home’s  interior designing


Those who appreciate smart and classy style as they need the foremost trendy homes that appear as if they are straight out of the way and definitely have a good eye for interior style. If you have a thought or passion for home interior decoration, then concern, not as we worked with the skillful team of engineers and artisans of Chicago Fabrications, where artistry and precision are applied to each piece, allowing the designer to create exquisite works of art for the home.


On the other side once done properly, the live edge furniture they bring about a natural component in your house that cannot be matched by alternative materials. Moreover, due to the ability and acquisition needed, they are terribly rare!

You can replace glass coffee table with something like this live edge walnut coffee table



Look how cool these Live Edge Coat Rack are?  They would also be amazing in a commercial application like in a boutique for display.



With designs inspired closely by nature and craftsmanship that will last for generations, custom live edge furniture would be a beautiful addition to any home.   Talk to a CustomMade artisan in your area about incorporating live edge design into your next project.


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