Keeping Your Reclaimed Wood Furniture Looking Beautiful

Reclaimed wood furniture adds an elegant and rustic look that offsets modern design fantastically. The imperfect grains, holes and cracks associated with reclaimed barn wood gives a natural chaos in an environment of manufactured perfection. We love the personality this disarray brings.

For us to continue enjoying the charm of our reclaimed furniture we must be sure to maintain and care for it. Unvarnished wood is susceptible to moisture and harsh chemicals, therefor, it’s important to make sure you use the appropriate tools and proper cleaning techniques. We will go over what you need to know in order to make sure your custom reclaimed furniture looks its best.

So What Supplies Do You Need?

Firstly, you should ask yourself if your wood needs cleaning as reclaimed wood is supposed to look a bit unkempt. If you’re just trying to clean the dust and access dirt you can get away with a good brushed vacuum and mild soap and water. If your particular wood is unmilled then a toothbrush can help get into those crevasses. Be aware that you don’t want to soak the wood as it absorbs moisture and can damage it. Always use the least amount of water as you can.

Useful Tools For The Job :

Cleaning cloth


Linseed oil


Mild dish soap

How To Clean Your Reclaimed Furniture Properly

Once you have acquired your supplies start by removing any dust and loose debris from your reclaimed wood furniture. Add a small amount of linseed oil to your dish soap and water and mix. Using a well rung sponge, scrub lightly over any stains you wish to remove, furthermore, use a toothbrush for deep crevasses. Using your dry cloth remove any excess moisture from the surface. Deep stains like red wine stains should use baking soda and vinegar to form a paste, leave on the area for 10-15 minutes, and scrub to remove.

How To Keep It Looking Great After

It is important once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your reclaimed wood that you apply a quality eco-friendly wood finisher or wood oil. For determining what sealer work best for your species of wood consult your local reclaimed wood furniture dealer.

Other Tips For Keeping Your Reclaimed Wood Furniture Looking Beautiful

Overtime our environment can have damaging effects on our furniture and we should know a few things to make sure it keeps looking good over time.

Be Aware Of Humidity

Don’t keep unvarnished wood in high humidity areas. Over time moisture seeps into your reclaimed wood furniture and can cause it to warp or twist. Consider getting a dehumidifier and/or applying your eco-friendly oil regularly.

Keep your reclaimed wood furniture out of direct sunlight

Overtime your furniture can fade from sun damage causing it to appear bleached. To avoid this keep the furnishings away from windows and direct light exposure. Blinds and curtains can help regulate this and keep your reclaimed wood looking great for years to come.

Routine Care Can Make Your Furniture Last

With a small amount of effort we can see years or decades out of reclaimed wood. Taking the time to follow this guide and maintain the health of your furniture can yield years of elegant looking chaos that is reclaimed wood.

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