Live Edge Furniture: A Growing Trend

Live edge wood furniture is extremely hot right now. As the name implies, live edge refers to the living part of the tree known as the outer ring. Bark may either be left in place or removed from the wood without disturbing the natural shape and beauty of the edge. The pieces often feature a contoured edge that follows the natural edge of the tree from which the wood was sourced.


Oak, pine, hickory, beech, maple, and cherry are all popular choices for live edge applications. Knots may be filled to avoid an uneven surface, and pieces are stained and sealed for lasting beauty.

Types of Live Edge Wood

There are three main types of live edge wood.



1. Burl: Burl is the rarest type of live edge lumber and grows as protrusions in the trunk. It is highly prized as a result. Burl is found in only 5% to 10% of trees. As an irregularity rather than part of the main tree trunk, burl features beautiful and unique grain patterns.



2. Tree round: A tree round is a horizontally cut piece of a tree trunk showing the inner rings of the tree with the bark of the tree left intact. Tree rounds are frequently used as side tables and coffee tables.



3. Wood slab: As the name describes, a live edge wood slab is a long slice of the tree. Tables, desks, shelves, and benches are commonly made from wood slabs.

Where Can I Use Live Edge Furniture?


Live edge furniture can be used anywhere in the home. The trend is often found in fireplace mantels, bookshelves, coffee tables, headboards, and kitchen tables. It brings the feel of nature inside your home or office. From the bedroom to the kitchen to the dining room to the living room, there are limitless live edge furniture applications.

Current Trends

While live edge furniture first appealed to those looking for a rustic aesthetic, the trend has recently taken a modern turn. Rich, textured woods are now being combined with sleek lines and metal accents.


We are also seeing live edge furniture more and more in commercial settings. Consumers love the natural, warm, organic look found in live edge furniture. And because the pieces retain their natural contours and character, each piece of furniture is one of a kind.

What Is the Appeal?

Live edge furniture is often cut from logs that would have been unusable for traditional furniture. Rather than going to waste, the wood is harvested for use in live edge furniture. Finding useful applications for the wood reduces the overall number of live trees that must be cut.


In addition to appreciating the sustainability of the wood, buyers enjoy the variety of options available when choosing live edge furniture. Beyond the fact that each piece is completely original, differences in species mean variations in grain patterns, colors, and bark—not to mention the character-rich knots and “imperfections” of the wood.


The live edge furniture trend is growing rapidly. It can be seen in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments worldwide. Quality, sustainability, and uniqueness will continue to make live edge furniture popular for years to come.


Chicago Fabrications would love to work with you to design your own live edge furniture piece. Call us today at 312-637-1923 or stop in and see us. You can also visit our online store to see our currently available pieces. 

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