Your Next Custom Barn Door

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A custom stylized barn door can add a character to any home and be an elegant show piece while maintaining great functionality. Whether it is for a custom order or a DIY project, there are things you should know before pursuing your barn door.

Know The Space You’re Working With

Before you make an order you’ll want to get some measurements of the doorway and take note of details attaining to the construction and installation of your barn door.

Door Width: Your door should have at least 2 inches of overhang on both sides of your walkway.
Door Height: Most doors are 80” tall but can be changed to fit specific situations.
Sliding direction: Depending which direction you plan on sliding the door will determine where to put your handle.
Trimming: If you have any trimming around your door you’ll want to measure the depth in order to determine how long your spacers will need to be for your tracking.
Light Switch: Now if you have a light switch close to your entrance you’ll want to take note of it and set your stop accordingly.

Choosing Your Design

With your measurements in hand now is a good time to try and narrow down your design choice. Choosing your material should reflect the atmosphere of the room and selecting a brace adds a bit of charm too. Scanning through photos can be quite practical to help stimulate ideas for your own door design. Try visiting our gallery or other reputable craftsmen .
Choosing a type of wood can be important as each species has different properties. A nice hardwood is heavier and better at dampening sound. A softwood like pine make sliding easier but offer less sound dampening. If you have questions about the type of material best suited for your needs shoot us an email.

Tracks and Hardware

We’re going to want our tracks and hardware to match our measurements and design choices for our barn door. From your main handle, inlayed pull handle, stoppers, hangers, and tracks, everything should blend well for the style you want. Here at Chicago Fabrication most of our hardware and tracks are custom made, otherwise you can find a nice door hardware company like Rustica Hardware.
It is important to make sure you have enough ceiling space for the specific barn door hardware you want. If you happen to have low clearance you can contact us for specific hardware designed to remedy this.

Installation process

With your design in mind and a good understanding what sorts of hardware you want now you’re ready to contact us and get a quote. Chicago Fabrication does in-home installation and assessment of every install so that every order is precise and flawless. After all measurements are taken, designs are finalized our usual lead time is 3 to 6 weeks. Once finished, we install your beautiful new custom designed barn door.

So Why Choose Us?

Here at Chicago Fabrications we set the highest standard for quality and service in the industry. With a perfect track record of success and satisfaction we handle any challenges and wow our customers. Don’t just take our word for it, let our work speak for itself.

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